Street Art: Banksy

The recent nomination of Banksy’s film Exit Through the Gift Shop for an Academy Award has given him an excuse to work on the streets of Los Angeles, a city that on itself represents a lot of what Banksy opposes with his art. While these creations are far from being Banksy’s most interesting work, they are a good excuse to discuss his current position in the world of art. For more images and some thoughts, see more.

living the dream

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February 24, 2011 in Meaning-full, Street Art
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  1. the question as to how relevant Banksy is seems a little like an oxymoron. the Oscars aren’t in the same universe as this talented guerilla artist. the question is ridiculous. corporate is not art. what he represents is a pure, anonymous and selfless product. it’s more about the how than as to the what. it’s the pursuit and planning.

    • meaning-full

      Banksy’s relevance is far from being an oxymoron – he is very relevant; but, yes, definitively not because of the Oscars. The matter is – now that preppy kids, and wealthy collectors “admire” Banksy (sadly not Banksy’s work) – does this take his merit away? We don’t think so: given Banksy’s overall position (as we understand it) it gives it even more value – but it’s always worth discussing…

  2. More meaning-full in Bansky’s account that in all of Hollywood’s combined. Why would an award matter so much to anyone other than accountants? Like what you like. Do what you do–without expectation of reward. I love this.

  3. As I read this after clicking the ad on my facebook page it is funny how Banksy has now come full circle in another funny way. He isn’t in the business, or any business, for that matter, for the awards or self promtion. Sitting on my coffee table is a copy of Wall and Piece and if you have browsed through it you might realize the irony. But incase you didnt, let me briefly explain… The rats represent peoples depiction of graffiti artists, kind of, as stated. His hatred lies strictly with the corporations the plaster our highways and landmarks in society with adverts of things that society projects onto us to simply annoy us or silently drive us to conform. So he puts things up that he, and many others like. Its a stab that he enjoys taking while laughing at the yuppies that “admire his work.” To be recognized is just another thing that he laughs at, just as much as our rants about his relevance. Banksy would be either annoyed or amused, probably amused, that his notoriety made its way to my fb page. I sure am.

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